Need to hit the reset button after a particularly challenging day, week, or even year?

TheraRest is a private session that blends deep & compassionate listening, with therapeutic, body-based exercises designed to bring you back into balance. Our sessions together are about two things:

  • Resetting the body & mind to alleviate symptoms of stress or anxiety, such as sleeplessness, incessant worry or a frayed nervous system, and to avoid burn out.

  • Building resilience to strengthen your capacity for healthy relationships, both with yourself & others, and navigate life & work’s challenging moments with grace and dignity.

TheraRest is a blend of compassion-based conversation, combined with contemplative and body-based practices for a therapeutic and restful experience, allowing you the space and time to both be heard without judgement, and then guided into deep relaxation so that you can experience emotional balance and wellbeing.

In general, TheraRest sessions begin with a judgment-free check in, giving you the opportunity to free up the clutter in your mind. Then, we will move onto gentle, body-based practices that are tailored to your individual needs.  

Some of the body-based practices we may explore include, but are not limited to: restorative yoga, gentle stretching or movement, breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, roller self-massage, or guided imagery, all of which studies have shown to:

  • balance an overactive nervous system

  • strengthen new neural networks for healthy habits of mind

  • mitigate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic or acute distress

  • alleviate physical discomfort or pain

  • increase the positive connection to yourself and others

  • develop internal resilience and effective response systems, and more

Recent studies of mindfulness practices reveal that they can result in profound improvements in a range of physiological, mental, and interpersonal domains in our lives. Cardiac, endocrine, and immune functions are improved with mindfulness practices. Empathy, compassion, and interpersonal sensitivity seem to be improved. People who come to develop the capacity to pay attention in the present moment without grasping on to their inevitable judgments also develop a deeper sense of well-being and what can be considered a form of mental coherence. — Dr. Daniel J. Seigel, author of Aware.

Although everyone can benefit, TheraRest sessions are particularly useful for therapists, teachers, mental health and medical professionals, caregivers, or anyone else who manages the needs of others, often at the expense of their own health and wellbeing, or those who feel as though they are approaching burn out. TheraRest assists in down-regulating the nervous system, so that you can return to your life and work with a renewed sense of purpose and peace of mind.

Sessions last 60 minutes.

Intro Package: 4 sessions in 1 month: $380 ( $95/session)

Single Session - $105

Disclaimer: TheraRest is not therapy and is not intended to replace any current therapy you may be involved in. Whatever you say during our sessions will be kept in utmost confidence except if/when required by the law.