Re-Fill Your Well

Avoid Burnout & Compassion Fatigue with Body-Based Tools

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Refill Your Well is an online course for caretakers of all kinds who are starting to see the effects of stress take its toll on their once balanced lifestyle, and who want to integrate new routines in order to stay motivated & restored in their line of work. 

For the sake of this course, I am including all ‘caretaking’ professionals, including but not limited to: mental health professionals, social workers, teachers, nurses, caregivers, birth professionals, and more. I also use the word client to refer to the one who receives your care, this could be a student, patient, client, or family member. 

If you are outside these ‘caretaking’ professions, perhaps you would be better suited for other courses that I offer. Additionally, this course may not be for you if you already have a consistent routine that targets your thinking, feeling and physical body, both before, during and after your work day, and you don’t currently have any challenge with feeling restored and refreshed from your work. Good job you!

The majority of us, however, face the challenge of feeling overwhelmed when we are expected to ‘hold’ so much, in service to our clients. We often take on more than our share of the burden, have trouble saying no, worry about our clients long after they left, or continue to feel the effects of the work day as we lay in bed attempting to sleep. This is especially true if you are working with populations that are are part of certain systems (criminal justice, institutions) or are working with trauma. Our die-hard commitment, hyper-activity, and fierce dedication to our clients sometimes causes us to then over-correct during our days off (or sometimes not take ANY days off), and completely isolate ourselves. This up and down (or constant up!)  affects our sleep patterns, our self-worth, makes us question our impact or purpose, and deteriorates our health. 

And, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

If you are ready and curious about how to manage these common symptoms of caretaker stress (not only at the end of the day, but before you even get to work, and during the busy-ness of the day as well), you are in luck. 

  • It is possible to have deep rest, letting go of the day’s worries. 

  • It is possible to sustain a high-intensity career, while maintaining emotional, mental and physical health. 

  • It is possible to mitigate the long term complications that stress has on our system. 

  • It is possible to find time to slow down, even in the midst of a busy day. 

  • It is possible to integrate new techniques into your personal and professional life, and maybe even share these in your work with your clients. 

At the end of this course you will have experienced a variety of body-based tools that allow you to have a more regulated nervous system, renewed sense of purpose, and increased resilience for those particularly hard days. 

The body-based tools we will explore fall into the categories of: yoga, gentle stretching or movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation, and guided imagery. Not only will you experience these tools for yourself, we’ll talk about how they work, and when you can apply them for greatest impact. 

The tools I’ll be sharing with you have shown to:

  • provide balance to an overactive nervous system

  • strengthen new neural networks for healthy habits of mind

  • mitigate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic or acute distress

  • reduce effects of compassion fatigue and caregiver burnout

  • alleviate physical discomfort or pain

  • increase the positive connection to your personal and professional relationships

  • develop internal resilience & effective response systems, and more

Ready to feel more relaxed, inspired and balanced at work and home?

Next course begins late Fall of 2019. Email me to find out when registration opens: